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Compaction and tracking system.

C-63 Intelligent Compaction System

The C63 Intelligent Compaction system offers an accurate pass count display, secure connectivity to Sitelink3D services, synchronized mapping with customized reporting and ruggedized temperature and accelerometer. The system provides the best real-time quality control by actively displaying pass counts, CMV values and mix temperatures as you pave. The data is continuously updated through the Sitelink3D Enterprise status page where real-time progress is displayed and saved for future reporting. The C63 keeps you in control without being on the site, helps you manage errors before they happen and lets you fix problems remotely. The system is available for both HMA and soil applications.


In asphalt paving, it is likely there are multiple rollers working together when compacting a road or parking lot. For accurate compaction, it is crucial for each operator to be able to see not only their own passes, but those made by other machines. The C-63 compaction system from Topcon allows this to happen, ensuring proper compaction.

It is not too often that quality and efficiency go hand in hand, but with the C-63 system this is exactly what happens on a compaction project. The job gets completed sooner and achieves optimal pass counts every time.