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Use and Applications for: Grade Control, Base Stations and Rovers, mmGPS, Magnet Office, and Total Stations

Training Dates

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May 14 | HiPer VRand Pocket 3D/3D-MC 

June 11 | HiPer VRand Pocket 3D/3D-MC 

July 16 | HiPer VRand Pocket 3D/3D-MC 

Aug 6 | HiPer VRand Pocket 3D/3D-MC


In this class, students will learn the theory of GPS. Students will get an introduction to GPS functions such as proper setup, localization, and application as a grade management tool using Topcon’s Pocket 3D software. Students will also learn the machine control system software, 3DMC, including machine calibration, radio communication, and file setup.