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Tech Support Packages

Foursight Solutions is here to train you on the latest technology.

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With Foursight Solution’s tech support package, you enjoy premium services, no matter what package you sign up for. Example of services include phone support, 16 hours of follow up onsite training/support, system inspection and calibration, “off the clock” travel time per visit, in-person delivery of drone, drone set up and initial flight support, one-time training on processing of drone flight data, localization training, 50% discount on additional travel costs and more. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss the packages to find the best option for you.

What's included?

On-Site Support provides an expert on site to help you navigate and learn your Foursight Solutions. Support can range from training new users to finding the right solutions for advanced users. Whether it is machine control troubleshooting or learning a new software, this On-Site Support is tailored to your operation’s needs and learning path.

Having access to the answers you need, when you need them is incredibly important to your operation. While technology can be a helpful tool, it can be challenging to remember the steps to make it as productive as possible for you. With Phone Support from Foursight Solutions, you will have unlimited access to the experts who have the answers!


Sometimes you need more than a day or two of On-Site Support that comes in our Tech Support Packages. That’s why we have built Additional Training at a discount into all of our package. Now you have the ability to control the amount of training you need for your team. With a curriculum that is completely customizable to your operation, Additional Training from Foursight is flexible to meet your needs.

With our Premium Tech Support Packages you will have access to training resources straight from the manufacture. This includes access to an online training portal where you and your team can learn as you go. Browse through hundreds of topics and get familiar with your machine control system.


Forget surprise charges for travel time. An on-site service call, inspection, or training, includes travel time from your nearest Foursight location is built into your Tech Support Package.

Having access to loaner components of manufacture defective equipment is important to keep your operation running. With a Tech Support Package, you get access to loaner machine control components from Foursight Solutions. Check out the chart on the last page to review what is included in each package.

*Loaner components are subject to availability. If upon further inspection of defective component it is determined the defect was due to customer negligence, customer will be billed for rental equipment.

Foursight Solutions is dedicated to increasing uptime. That’s why with our Tech Support Package any defect machine control components covered under the manufacture’s standard or extended warranty will be repaired.

Like any piece of machinery, it’s important to keep an eye on wear and tear of your machine control components. To ensure your equipment is well kept, every Tech Support Package includes an annual in-store inspection.

*Less freight, parts, and labor for repairs.

Machine control components are only as good as the last upgrade. Foursight Solutions also includes free Firmware and Software upgrades on all applicable devices with every Tech Support Package.

Contract is specific to one solution, when multiple solutions are owned customer must purchase additional contracts.

Phone Support is intended to help a customer through an acute problem. If it’s determined more training is needed, that must be scheduled as a follow up appointment.