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Multi-purpose GNSS receiver

With a compact, rugged design the HiPer HR is packed with the most advanced GNSS technology

Topcon HiPer HR multi-purpose GNSS receiver

HiPer HR GNSS receiver overcomes field challenges with a unique blend of technologies. With a next generation Fence Antenna for superior reception, waterproof IP67 environmental design, integrated communication among cellular, LongLink and Radio, 452 Universal Tracking channels, unique 9-axis TILT™ compensation, internal WIFI and multi-spectrum Bluetooth and removable batteries, this receiver has the features to help you succeed. Among countless other applications, the receiver can be mounted to a vehicle or grade checking with Millimeter GPS.

Topcon integrated leveling technology (TILT™)

By combining a 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), along with a digital compass, the HR can accurately compensate for up to 15º of tilt on the rod.

Now you can measure all the way to a building edge without using an offset. Or stretch to get an otherwise out-of-reach point.

Just as with many other Topcon technologies, TILT™ is designed to solve real-world challenges, so your work gets easier, faster, and better.