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Forge Your Path in Geospatial Innovation

Joining the ranks at Foursight Solutions, our local Topcon Dealer, is like strapping on your boots and heading into a technological frontier. You step in, greeted by the buzz of drones and the sturdy whirr of top-of-the-line surveying gear. Here, it’s less about fancy frills and more about getting your hands dirty—learning by doing and tackling challenges head-on. The team? A crew that’s all grit and gusto, fueled by the excitement of reshaping landscapes and mastering the art of precision. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill job; it’s a relentless pursuit to revolutionize how we navigate our world. At Foursight Solutions, we’re mapping the future, and it’s a rugged, no-nonsense adventure from the get-go!

West Region Locations

Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas

East Region Locations

Virginia, North Carolina

Our Team Covers

Two Diverse Regions

At Foursight Solutions, we span across two dynamic regions, each offering its own exciting opportunities in the realm of geospatial innovation. For those looking to delve into the cutting-edge world of Topcon in the West region, you’ll find our job openings posted on 4Rivers Equipment. Meanwhile, for the adventurous souls seeking to make their mark in the East region, keep an eye out for our postings on James River Equipment.

Join us on this journey of reshaping landscapes and mastering precision technology. Your next big adventure awaits—whether it’s in the rugged terrains of the West or the bustling landscapes of the East, we’ve got a place for passionate individuals ready to map the future with us.

Here’s to forging new paths and shaping the world, one precise point at a time!

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