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A full-featured toolset for estimating and preparing site and road construction. 

MAGNET Construction-3D modeling and streamlined estimating

The MAGNET software suite streamlines workflows for contractors, surveyors, modelers, estimators and project managers across each stage of a construction project. This field, cloud and office software suite, when combined with Topcon’s state-of-the art instruments and machine control, enables users to create and access the right data, in the right place, all the time. MAGNET is a comprehensive, connected and compatible solution that closes the gap between the survey and construction industries. Perfect for asphalt, grading and excavation, MAGNET Construction’s 3D constructible modeling capabilities help a contractor catch mistakes before they happen, minimize over-digging and keeps machine control operators connected. Accurately track and calculate material types and volumes whether you’re plotting borehole locations, load balancing on the site, or specifying trench depth and bedding materials.