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Foursight Solutions is Your Authorized Topcon Dealer

Foursight Solutions is your Authorized Topcon Dealer here to support your company as you incorporate technology in to your workflows. We have experts that are strategically located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina in order to best serve our customers. Members of our team have a real passion for construction and technology!

We place a heavy focus on customer support and ensuring that our staff is highly trained and certified. We know that by offering top-notch support and service, you will get the best return possible out of your investment. At Foursight Solutions, we value the trust you place in our team and we work hard to keep that trust in everything we do.

Our staff attends frequent training events hosted by our partner, Topcon. A strong emphasis on training ensures we are well-versed on the latest technology Topcon has to offer.

We stock Topcon equipment at multiple locations so we are always in a position to fulfill orders, whether it’s grade control, survey instruments, or construction lasers. We also carry all of the accessories and replacement parts you might need. Battery door for your pipe laser? Yes, we have that. New charging cable for your FC-6000? Yes, we have that too. If you visit our store and we don’t have something you need, please let us know!

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