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Foursight Solutions Colorado Retail Store

Foursight Solutions is your local supplier for construction supplies you use day to day on the jobsite, in addition to the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology used in construction today.

Come by to see our showroom where you can find all sorts of supplies as well as tools used commonly on construction sites today. Supplies such as lathe, ginnies, hubs, paint, ribbon and grade chasers to name just a few! In addition, you’ll find tools such as tape measures (yes, in tenths and hundredths!) hammers, lathe bags, and other items used on construction sites.

Located in Longmont, supplies can be purchased individually or by the case. We carry premium douglas fir wood products, which can be purchased by the bundle or by the pallet. We have a lift on site that can be used to load trailers, in situations where pallets of wood are needed.

Beyond our construction supplies, we are proud to be a Topcon dealer for machine control and survey products. In addition, we are very proud to offer drone solutions from two leading suppliers, Wingtra and DJI!

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