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Foursight Solutions 2024 Events

Come meet the team from Foursight Solutions! We are hosting booths at multiple events in early 2024. We would love to speak with you about your operation and how technology can positively impact what you do. From the County Sheriffs of Colorado annual meeting, to Geo Week, we’re eager to talk shop! We’ll be showcasing […]

Wings, Whiskey and Wingtra

Come join Foursight Solutions and our partners from Wingtra, for a unique event! Learn about how the WingtraOne Gen II can be used in your workflows in construction and surveying, to increase your efficiency and reduce time spent in the field collecting data. Foursight Solutions and Wingtra will be offering two sessions this week. One […]

Authorized Repair Center

Did you know, that Foursight Solutions is an authorized repair center for Topcon? Our factory certified technicians have completed hours of training delivered by Topcon. We are able to repair most of the products you purchase from us. This greatly extends life of your purchases. As an authorized repair center for Topcon, we are certified […]

Topcon MC-Mobile Field Day!

Join us June 29 at 10a.m. at our flagship store in Longmont, where you’ll be able to operate equipment with Topcon’s latest and greatest solution, MC-Mobile! This purpose-built solution was designed for small site developers, that want to take control of their jobsite and take back control of their own schedule. Starting with initial site […]

Foursight Solutions is your authorized Wingtra dealer

Foursight Solutions is proud to become a partner with Wingtra, effective June 1, 2023! Our staff have been trained and certified to sell, support and service Wingtra drones in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Wingtra drones offer customers the ability to fly longer, faster, and from anywhere. Offering flight times up to 59 minutes on […]

Foursight Solutions is Your Authorized Topcon Dealer

Foursight Solutions is your Authorized Topcon Dealer here to support your company as you incorporate technology in to your workflows. We have experts that are strategically located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina in order to best serve our customers. Members of our team have a real passion for construction and technology! […]

Foursight Solutions Colorado Retail Store

Construction supplies such as paint available in various grades and colors.

Foursight Solutions is your local supplier for construction supplies you use day to day on the jobsite, in addition to the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology used in construction today. Come by to see our showroom where you can find all sorts of supplies as well as tools used commonly on construction sites […]